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Interracial Love: Passion With The Man You Love

Momentary Lapse Of Sanity

Cool dark skin in hot virgin white

Lips say won’t but my body says might

I fight and fight

With all my might

I can’t resist the temptation of penetration

One touch and I am hot and wet

I have now built up a sweat

A kiss I am in eternal bliss

Now tasting my center

His lips and chin blood red

Eating my cherry until it’s gone

Sucking my juice

Beyond ecstasy this is the one

One thrust and I feel it near my bust

Doggie style, spanking me, pulling my hair, while I come up for air

Howling like a dog out of control

I now feel whole

My vaginal muscles gripping tighter and tighter around his cock

I am now ready to burst

I am now satisfied

I roll over and relieve his aching balls

We lie next to each other until we are asleep

A bond…

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