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Interracial Love: Passion With The Man You Love

Momentary Lapse Of Sanity

Cool dark skin in hot virgin white

Lips say won’t but my body says might

I fight and fight

With all my might

I can’t resist the temptation of penetration

One touch and I am hot and wet

I have now built up a sweat

A kiss I am in eternal bliss

Now tasting my center

His lips and chin blood red

Eating my cherry until it’s gone

Sucking my juice

Beyond ecstasy this is the one

One thrust and I feel it near my bust

Doggie style, spanking me, pulling my hair, while I come up for air

Howling like a dog out of control

I now feel whole

My vaginal muscles gripping tighter and tighter around his cock

I am now ready to burst

I am now satisfied

I roll over and relieve his aching balls

We lie next to each other until we are asleep

A bond…

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Day 2 Writing Challenge

Momentary Lapse Of Sanity


Day 2.

I will never forget when Michael re-entered my life and told me that he fell in love with me long ago.

No one has ever told me that my whole entire life.  I honestly never knew that anyone ever fell in love with me.  I love that he is so open, candid, sensitive, emotional just all that and a bag of chips!  I am truly blessed to have had him walk back into my life.

It is so nice to know that someone fell head over heels for me and the feeling was and is mutual.  Seeing that we are married now.  The time between 1996 to 2014 was inconsequential.  So many happy years to look ahead to TOGETHER.


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