Not Just Vanilla Sex

Momentary Lapse Of Sanity



Not just vanilla sex, but far from it. Being tied up, bonded, shackled, blindfolded, whipped, powerless, put in pain, and left begging for more. This excitement and fear all controlled by my master, lover, keeper of my heart. The master lays down all the rules and holds all the strings: I am his puppet!

First he has me masturbate and ever so gently suck his cock like a lollipop but not to the point of where he cums. Otherwise, I will be punished severely if he cums. So I willingly submit, (knowing in the back of my mind I will receive great pleasure in return).

I begin by jerking it hard with my left then my right hand, toying with him. I slowly take my lips to his big, hard, thick, massive, black cock. I nibble the sides, then lube it with my moisture. Sucking it, loving it, having…

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