A special dedication to my biffle Babs, who will KIK  when she see’s this post and the signifigance to our messages just minutes before.

Twilight. We’ve all read the books, we’ve all seen the movies. But what was twilight before it Rob Pat and K Stew? It was a story that I spent a little over 48 hours of my life in. I’m sure you’re ready to stop reading, I’m sure your thinking, Great, another twihard fan. But think again.

Twilight for me was not a vampire/werewolf obsession that most teenagers found themselves wrapped around. There was no “Team Edward” or “Team Jacob” for me. Now do not get me wrong, I would personally love to sparkle in the sunlight (I mean, diamonds sparkle, so it’s pretty much like being a diamond) and I would love to have a yummy Native American boyfriend who could rip peoples heads off with…

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