Cookery Rhymes: Duckle Duckle Daisy

The Folklore Food Blog

Duckle, duckle, daisy,
Martha must be crazy,
She went and made a Christmas cake
Of olive oil and gluten-flake,
And set it in the sink to bake,
Duckle, duckle, daisy.

Called liquid gold by many throughout history, olive oil was used as a prize for gladiators and Olympians alike, and has played an important part in the lives of the Mediterranean people.
Long ago, Athena and Poseidon battled it out during a contest to rename the city of Cecrops. Zeus had challenged the two to come up with the most inventive gift to win the rights to the new subdivision of the gods. Poseidon gave the people of Cecrops a spring that would give water and never run out, even during the greatest of drought, but being from the sea he mistakenly gave the people salt water not realizing that salt water can kill.
Athena, the smarter of the two…

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