Blindfolds Just Can’t Take It

Elan Mudrow

Vogue Italia, 1969 Vogue Italia, 1969

Bifocals happen all the time

But, trifocals?

That’s getting perverted.

Adjusting focus is sneaky

Just tell them to keep their

Corrective lenses where

they belong.

Sunglasses are shady types.

Microscopes are anal

Yet, they secretly like a little dirt

From time to time.

3D glasses are cool to hang with,

For a couple of hours only.

Never take one home.

Periscopes are stuck up.

Over the counter reading glasses

Lie about their age.

Spectacles make a big deal

Over everything and everybody.

Mirrors are self-absorbed.

Monocles have one eye on you

And the other on someone else.

Make sure to wear your

Protective lenses, before

You make a mistake

You will regret later in life.

Magnifying glasses blow things

Out of Proportion,

Arguing over the tiniest things.

Goggle is not a search engine.

Kaleidoscopes love the Grateful Dead.

Binoculars are very, very distant

They must be shy.

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