Petit Delight, Cleethorpes

Whilst back in my home town the other evening my parents and my boyfriend went for a meal at Petit Delight in Cleethorpes.

Petit Delight is a French restaurant which says that it ‘draws authentic influences from Parisian café, French bistro and family restaurant cultures’ and I have to agree.

There was an ample drinks menu ranging from wine to jugs of Pimms as well as a incredible sounding food menu which you can view here: Menu.

However, as a vegetarian I have to admit that I wasn’t hugely impressed with the options available as the only vegetarian main course was Tarte aux oignons caramélisés et brie. Luckily I quite fancied this but more than one vegetarian main would have been extra nice.

IMG_1569 2

This was the tart which really was deliciously and came with an impressively tasty salad. I will admit I am really not a courgette person, but the courgette…

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