Primaries and a quick book #review

white-privilege-350.gif.pngTwo primaries today, Kentucky and Oregon.  Both states are 88% white, therefore Sanders will win both.  I’ve seen a couple of reports of a poll out of Oregon that shows Clinton in the lead but I can’t actually find it anywhere and the reports were on Twitter and didn’t include links.  I came across an article on NPR this morning that discusses whiteness in our politics in an interesting way, but while it talks about the astonishing reluctance of most mainstream punditry to even mention racism in connection with Trump’s support, there’s nary a word of the 85% rule.

(Oh, and also: there’s nothing from keeping Trump’s supporters from being both idiots and racists.  Half the problems Republicans see with this country literally do not exist.  There is plenty of room for these people to be stupid and racist at the same time.)

But anyway.

51czyF4FFRL._SX322_BO1,204,203,200_.jpgI finished Tananarive Due’s 

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