Some quick thoughts about PREACHER

preacher-comics-vs-tv_home_top_story.jpgIt’s weird that I remember this story so well.

I have every issue of PREACHER’s run as a comic book, and bought each of them on the day it came out.  I bought the very first issue on a lark, and I remember spending a ridiculous amount of time and mental energy during the month between issue 1 and issue 2 thinking about whether I was buying the second issue or not.  I don’t recall if money was especially tight at the time or what, because comics don’t really cost that damn much, especially in 1995 or 1994 or whenever it was when the book first came out.  But it took forever for me to decide I wanted that second issue, and then it must have caught me, because I never missed another one after that.  I haven’t really revisited the series since it concluded, but I have all of…

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