The Re-Write of the Novel Is Complete!

The Incompetent Writer

Coffee and ipad
Dear readers. I have submitted my novel / creative dissertation to my committee. Whew. My brain is now pudding.

Thanks to everyone who offered encouragement as I wrote the final scene.

It meant a great deal.

Revised, the novel is 477 double-spaced manuscript pages. It’s 137,000 words. This is a lot, obviously. The average literary novel is supposed to be only 80,000 words.

However, many novels are much longer. Franzen’s Freedom is over 200,000 words. And works of historical fiction, and works of fantasy, tend to be long as well (my novel is a mix of literary, historical fiction, and fantasy). Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn novels are around the 200k mark, too, I believe.

The first draft
And, I like to think, the story reads fast.

We will see: I defend the novel to my committee on June 24th.

This has been a wonderful and crazy five months of writing and…

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