Lesson in Humility – 2

Anarie Brady

Day 2

As promised, Mister again reinforced his lesson of what I can control and what I can’t. Yesterday, he promised to use my intestines as a means to teach that lesson and I was, no doubt, terrified! (Did I mention Mister has a way with words, a way which can elicit the exact response he wants?) Today after breakfast, he sent me to the Room. He put attached a spreader bar to my ankle cuffs and attached my wrist cuffs to the footboard of the bed. I was bent over, my bottom wide open. I was sobbing already, terrified of what was to come. Then, I felt something very, very cold go into my anus. I also smelled something very, very spicy. Ginger. I continued to sob, partially from relief! He wasn’t really going to fill my intestines and then sit and watch as my body eliminated! No, he…

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