No Quarter Asked or Given

Anarie Brady

I have teased him for months. On-line, texting, pictures. He has been out of the country, TDY, but now, he is home and it is time to face the music. For the last week, he has made love to me gently, beautifully, acquainting himself with my body again. Today, though, is my day of retribution. Today I will serve my Veteran in any and all way. I am his prisoner and no quarter will be asked or given. It is chilly outside, but that will makes no difference. To begin, he takes me to the woodshed. Yes, it stores wood for the fireplace, but also is used for a more traditional purpose. He keeps an old chair in the building for just this purpose. To begin, though, He had me walk the wood and cut a handful of switches. I tied them together then presented the bundle to him for…

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