Taboo: Loving Pain

Darkly Dezire


I’ve always felt as though it’s been obvious to people that I’m a bit odd. When I was younger I definitely revelled in the shock factor and extracting reactions. It was even more bitter sweet when the more I was labelled “weird” “odd” “goth” “a witch” or whatever the chosen insult of the day was, I would go further out of my way to be whatever it was I was being accused of. I think of this in a positive way though, because I developed pretty thick skin and didn’t really care if I wasn’t doing all the thing the cool kids were. Though what I can see now is that particular interests, tastes and afflictions were never going to fit what a majority of people understand as being normal. And that’s ok with me.

I was an intense teenager with rich emotions and barely any idea on how to harness…

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