Momentary Lapse Of Sanity


Check those criminal records of everyone you’re out there protesting for.  There are very few police that flat out murder people.  All this unrest is coming from people defending people that have done wrong, and some a whole lot of wrong.  Lead a criminal life and you’ll pay at some point in life.  It’s only a matter of time until your life comes tumbling down.  Really do your research on those police shootings.  Also, see how many other shootings there were by police that happened in the interim of these couple police shootings that were filmed and posted on social media.  I’m sure there are more police shootings that could have turned into a media circus.

America needs God, a clue, morals…  The things that matter.  Church, family, children, careers…

Simple things that really do matter.

At this point, no lives matter if you’re out defending these criminals and creating unrest…

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