30 Days – Day 10

Let It All Go

Day 10

What are your hard limits?

  • All things incest related – stories, role play, real life.
  • Scat and Pee Play – This includes anything ass to mouth.
  • Public Exposure  – It’s real life out there.  My real life isn’t compatible with kink nor do I need to force it on others.
  • Trying for the extremes.  I have no desire to see how much could possibly fit in any of my holes.
  • Anything with permanent body modifications or which would leave permanent markings/scars.  Maybe someday if I find the right guy and we are married, I might consider a tasteful, discrete tattoo that is between the two of us, but nothing approaching that for a relationship that is anything less.
  • Animals (I find it insane that this is something I feel like I have to state)
  • Underage participants.  And actually, I’d prefer it if people were in their mid-20’s before…

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