30 Days – Day 11

Let It All Go

Day 11

(I know, it’s two in one day but I’m procrastinating from my real life at the moment and need to feel like I have done something productive in the procrastination)

What are your views on the ethics of kink?

Consenting adults should be free to play.  But let’s make sure we are clear on each of those terms.  Consenting means there are zero negative consequences should either party say no at any time.  No threat of blackmail via photos sent to family, friends, of places of work.  No threat of punishment by a third party for not following through.  No money exchanges hands via a third party nor does a third party benefit financially (i.e. no one is being forced to do anything by a pimp/human trafficker).  One person is not in a professional position of power over the other (i.e. there are no fears of losing a…

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