Date Night – 1

Anarie Brady

Date night. That’s what the text said. I knew exactly what that meant. Uncle (no, he’s not really my uncle! He wanted a title, however, that showed power yet was different from most other D/s relationships.) needed me to be totally and completely under his control tonight. Oh I could still use my safe word, but aside from that, I would have no voice in what we did. I would be at his mercy, but mercy would be withheld. To prepare, I showered, shaved (everything), made sure EVERYTHING was clean, and applied lubrication. I then put on a new lingerie set of red lace. Then, I waited, standing by the bedroom door. He looked at me, nodded, then put a collar and leash on me and led me into the barn. Here, he also added a blindfold. He tugged the leash and I knelt, opening my mouth as…

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