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On the surface, we are perfect the ideal family for all to see Yet behind closed doors, we seethe and boil, each one oblivious to the other’s turmoil not seeing the lies as each day, we conti…

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#SatSpanks: You’re not to move from this position

Amelia Smarts

Saturday SpankingsToday I’m sharing an excerpt from my soon-to-be-released book, which is currently in the editing stage at the publishers. I’m super excited about this western domestic discipline story. If you like a strong, loving hero and a naughty heroine in need of both tenderness and spanking, you’re going to love this book. Jude is a stagecoach driver responsible for transporting passengers across half the country, and Callie is a young mail-order bride traveling west to meet her fiancé. She’s smart, unruly, and keeps the driver on his toes from day one. Of course, things don’t work out according to either of their plans, but I think you’ll be happy with the results. Enjoy the snippet!


“Hold still,” he admonished when she fidgeted nervously in anticipation of the first strike. “You’re not to move from this position until your punishment is over, understand?”

She settled immediately. A meek “yes, sir” reached his ears.


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BDSM 101: Alpha Sub


                       Alpha Sub Defined

Alpha sub is a colloquial term for the most powerful submissive individual in a polyamorous relationship. The term is only used in a polyamorous relationship where more than one submissive individual is involved or when the multiple submissive individuals in a polyamorous relationship are ranked according to a formal or informal hierarchy.

An alpha sub may also be known as an alpha slave.

                          Alpha Sub Explained

An alpha sub has more power than other submissive individuals involved in a polyamorous relationship. An alpha sub may have ultimate veto power over the other submissives’ requests or the power to make greater demands on the dominant individual’s time or affection. The alpha sub may also dominate the other submissive individuals within the polyamorous relationship although…

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Morrighan's Muse

darkened corridors,
red-tinged rooms
from where she sees the things she sees
beyond the fringes of the gloom
that is her imagination
beyond where she runs free
where the feel of his touch unmans her,
where the sound of his voice lets her be
whoever she’s always wanted
behind every closed door
where she’s all-around perfection
or his own personal whore –
but always with her consent,
it’s the one card she holds
but beyond each open door, a crack
where others see only the lies they’re sold.

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