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Peyton/Ben #5

The shower was hot and my bathroom steamed into a thick warm fog. I stood under the shower head, cupping the water above my breasts before letting it find its way down my body. You know how people talk about waking up and their lives being different? Waking up from a dream that wasn’t a just a dream? Sometimes I fantasise that the whole world disappears and it is just me left in my shower. My own little bubble. I’ve pictured many different things on the other side of that bathroom door. I picture myself turning off the taps, twisting the water out my hair, and sliding through the fog to wrap a towel around my body. Then slowly I turn the door knob and the world has been devastated, in ruins, fire and mayhem. Or the world has been abandoned and I open the door to some urban jungle…

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ARLIN REPORT...................walking this path together

IMG_6351 Cross in vehicle driver’s side mirror

A lady in Kansas City sent this photo of an image of The Cross to her sister (a friend of mine).  My friend showed me the photo from her cell phone and I ask that she forward to my Samsung Galaxy S7 mobile phone.  Originally I viewed the photo at a size much smaller than the above.   The cross appeared to be in a heavy fog, but still very clear, very visible and distinct.  After blowing the photo up, the brownish area does not appear to be a fog… you can see some splatter, such as muddy water; however it was a dry clear bright day.  It does not appear to be splash…as it appears on both sides of the sun reflection or car lights in the background .   I emailed my son, who lives in KC, asking if the morning (when the photo was…

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