A new twist …. for balance.

nijntje & The Bear

I’m really liking this new system of checks and balances you have implemented Sir. It’s leaving me feel validated and ‘owned’ and wanted. I feel like I have your attention and that my efforts are worth while … I don’t feel like I have to bratt to get attention because frankly I just can’t do it.

Image result for keeping the balance

Although there is a lot of playfulness and teasing in our relationship the level and intensity of the interaction is not the same as what a bratt/correction would be and I have a feeling that’s why many choose to go that way. The smiles and giggles from both sides automatically make the intensity less charged.

I imagine that by being bratty and having to be kept in check and corrected the connection is intense and the feeling of control heightened, in effect actually rewarding the bad behaviour. I guess that’s fine if it works…

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