Circumstance Unrelated. PART XIII – Drinking with Horses



Amidst the backdrop of Napoleonic War raging across Europe, soldiers seek distraction from the horrors of the battle field. Major Grant is an officer of the British Army serving under Wellington in France. An officer, a gentleman and a connoisseur of female bottoms, Major Grant finds himself unusually captivated by a mysterious woman…..

By evening I had continued to walk and found not a soul or dwelling where food could be sought. I was now desperate with thirst and knew I must find assistance in the next village. The residents of Toulon were conspicuous by their absence; it was a tidy place and appeared even more so without people. A horse was drinking from a central water stand so I decided to join him. I quenched my thirst and patted the elderly nag on the neck.

The cocking of a musket close by told me that I would unwise…

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