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RIP Herbie

Momentary Lapse Of Sanity

  Yesterday marks a sad day on earth for my family.  My husband Michael lost his father.  Herbie was an exceptional father, a fine Marine and a loving and devoted husband.  

     RIP Herbie, you will always be in our hearts and dearly missed.  The world has lost so much today and heaven gained it all.  

Many hugs to everyone shedding tears for his loss and carrying the cross of grief now.  May everyone experience comfort and peace as the days go on.  


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The Silent Treatment

Steeled Snake

We’re going to try something different today..

I always wonder how you come up with these bizarre things.  From challenges to toys to just simply situational stuff.

You walk out of the room and I have the distinct impression that I’m NOT to follow.  You come back with the bench (fun!) and your assortment of implements (not necessarily as “fun”) and tell me to strip and uncage.

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