Lesson in Humility

Anarie Brady

I look at her and know she hates this. I also know she’ll obey. My Girl has a strong prideful streak which has caused her issues in the past. Lost jobs. Aliented friends. She has asked that I help her tame her prideful ways, and I have happily agreed. This morning she mouthed off to the boy bagging our groceries simply because he forgot to ask if we preferred plastic or paper. Despite his apology, she continued to chastise him. Now, it’s her turn for chastisement. She knew she was in trouble the moment saw the look on my face, but no amount of begging will stop this lesson. She has agreed. Unless she says her safe word, the lesson will continue. First, I tell her to strip. She does this. Then, I make her put away the groceries while I watch. When she gets to the new peel we…

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